Doors & Frames

Over the years, our company has evolved from a manufacturer of door leafs to a manufacturer of door sets. Whereas previously, a joiner would procure a door panel and make his own frame, nowadays, it has become more and more commonplace to buy a full door set (door + frame + hardware). 


This shift has partly come about as a result of:

  • CE-marking (applicable from the end of 2019) may be granted solely to door sets. 
  • the increasing pressure on completion deadlines on building sites lays greater emphasis on the deployment of joiners. 
  • the increasing investment costs for milling centres and automation mean that certain joiners make a deliberate choice to procure ready-to-fit. 

As such, we offer all our doors inclusive of wooden or metal frames. The type of frame and hardware should be tailored to the properties and weight of the door leaf. 


We distinguish 2 categories of frames:

  • Wooden frames 
  • Metal frames
Under wooden frames, we distinguish the following types: