Safety Doors

In a number of applications, it is desirable to protect certain rooms against burglary or breakout. De Coene products offers a comprehensive range of burglary- and breakout-resistant door sets to meet the various burglary-resistant categories, depending on the door type.


Our product range satisfies the strict requirements of European Standard EN 1627. Some products also boast Bosec certification. In addition, we offer a specific door type that meets the performance requirements (perimeter category P2) prescribed by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Justice for penal purposes.  


Alongside their burglary-resistant properties, these door sets can very often be combined with fire-retardant properties (as per Benor ATG) and sometimes with acoustic properties, also (as per specific lab tests).


The burglary-resistant properties are achieved through pairing a reinforced wooden door leaf from De Coene Products with specific hardware (locks, hinges) of choice, and a solid wood frame or metal Mecop frame.


The door leaf comes with a multipoint lock, security fittings, stainless steel hinges and a spy hole as standard and can be finished with a HPL or veneer of choice. 

We distinguish the following products:


For more information, please refer to certification,leaflets or technical data sheets in the downloadssection.

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