Energy Doors

Global warming is no longer a thing of the future, but a societal reality. Each of us must do our bit to limit our ecological footprint. The building sector is no exception, with insulation standards becoming stricter and stricter. Terms such as low-energy home and zero-energy home, passive house, EPB certificate etc. are now widely used.


The guiding principle is that insulation during build or renovation is growing and getting better and better. We developed 2 specific energy-efficient products to offer a solution when it comes to internal doors also: the “Deco Energy” and the “Deco passive”.


  • The “Deco Energy” door is a stubby door with a U-value of +- 1 W/m²K (depending on the surface area of the door leaf) that is designed to boost thermal insulation between 2 rooms. The idea is to restrict heat loss from one room to another as much as possible. Given that a difference in temperature between 2 rooms is often the reason behind a door buckling, we have integrated stabilisers into the door that prevent it from buckling.

With a view to renovation applications, we intentionally chose a door thickness of 40mm, so that we can replace your old door (between a cold and warm space) with a specific thermal insulation door. There is also the option to have a drop seal on the underneath side of the door leaf.

This door is available as a door leaf or door set and is solely available as NON fire-resistant door.

  • The Deco Energy U-value certification is available here.

For more information, please refer to the leaflets or technical data sheets in downloads section.


  • The “Deco Passive” goes one step further. This door set has been especially designed with passive house applications in mind, whereby the door set’s;s U-value may not exceed 0.8 W/m²K and whereby each individual home must undergo a specific blower door test.

This door set has a U-value of approximately 0.76 W/m²K (depending on the surface area of the door leaf) and has been specially designed with a double 4-sided rubber seal (lip). This optimally restricts air loss from one room to another, which is essential for the blower test. As such, a sill must be fitted onto the floor that serves to seal the underside of the door leaf.


This door is sold solely as a door set and is available in both non fire-resistant and RF30 fire-resistant options.

  • U-value certification for the non fire-resistant Deco Passive is available here.
  • U-value certification for the RF30 Deco Passive is available here

For more information, please refer to the leaflets or technical data sheets in the downloads section.

Naturally, you can contactus at any time with any further questions.

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